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arrow October 2021

Want a face mask with some personaility? I offer several options to choose from so you you don't have to give up style while being compassionate to your fellow humans! Check out your style options here:

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Custom Crown Royal Masks are here!

Custom Crown Royal Face Masks

These aren't your typical homemade fabric face masks. These custom Crown Royal face masks offer 4 layers of superior protection for yourself & everyone else.

arrow 2 layers of fabric + a 2 layered disposable filter
arrow Fits closely against your face
arrow Reusable, machine washable & santizable
arrow Made to last
arrow Adjustable nose clip
arrow Available in sizes S-XL & ship for FREE!

I believe that quality is better than quantity. Therefore all of my products are not mass produced, but are crafted one at a time for each client. Like all handmade items none will be identical, each will have it's own unique features. I endeavor to use recycled products & packaging whenever possible. I value each and every client and I appreciate your business.

I also do custom orders! Email me for more info. All of my items are proudly made by hand in Michigan, U.S.A.
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